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Our Name Says it All

Fuel systems are the heart of workhorse diesels

Poorly built fuel systems are the source of fuel waste, bad performance, component failure and reduced engine life.

Our sole focus is better diesel engine performance through better engineered diesel fuel systems and components. Diesel Fuel Technologies fuel delivery systems don’t just meet OEM specs, they outperform them in every way.

Cat Diesel Engine with DFT EUI Injectors

Superior Engineering

As engineers, we understand how the make up of components affects the performance and lifespan of fuel injectors. That’s why our remanufactured EUI injectors are built with parts we source ourselves, using superior materials and demanding higher quality than standard off-the-shelf pieces.

In fact, DFT products are so well engineered that other diesel builders and remanufacturers buy components from us.

Fueling Innovation

Our sole focus is making CAT diesel engines more efficient, longer lasting and better performing by improving the systems and components that deliver, manage and monitor fuel.

Our EUI Injectors and components are built from superior materials and manufactured in a facility with an ISO cleanroom. Each unit must pass a battery of mechanical and electronic tests before it’s certified to ship.

Our fuel systems are engineered to reduce vibration, carbon build-up and other fuel-related problems that contribute to engine failure and reduce operational life. With DFT injectors your engines run longer, smoother and with fewer headaches.

DFT isn’t just about remanufacturing EUI injectors and components. Our engineers invest in R&D and are working on new fuel and component analysis technologies to increase engine efficiency and proactively identify engine problems before a failure occurs.





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