Heavy Duty EUI Injectors
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Inefficient diesel fuel combustion causes a build up of carbon residue on the engine’s pistons. Carbon build-up, repeatedly compressed during engine operations, leads to “carbon packing” which destroys fuel efficiency and forces the engine to be rebuilt earlier.

The leading cause of carbon packing on the piston is EUI injectors with broken or malfunctioning components. As a result, Cat and OEM manufacturers recommend replacing the EUI after as little as 6,000 hours of operation.

Piston without carbon packingPiston with carbon packing

A new piston vs one with carbon packing from a standard EUI injector

DFT Extended Life Injectors

Built to run up to 50% longer than standard EUIs while limiting carbon packing

Diesel Fuel Technologies Extended Life Injector for Cat 3500 Series

Engineered to Outperform

Designed by DFT engineers and built with superior components, DFT’s Extended Life Injectors offer better performance, greater durability and and up to twice the run time, while limiting engine damage from piston carbon packing.

Each Extended Life EUI is manufactured to meet DFT’s demanding standards including superior gaskets, springs, and o-rings; re-honing, lapping of nozzle, valve and body, and replacement of solenoid as necessary. All units exceed OEM specifications and are fully warrantied as per the DFT product warranty.

Extended Life Injector Advantages

DFT sources its components from hand-selected suppliers and specifies premium materials like Viton, SAE 4130 and Chromium Silicon alloy to ensure superior performance and extended life. DFT replaces up to 80% of old components with new, higher quality ones compared to an industry standard of less than 50%.

DFT is a lean manufacturing facility employing an ISO-level cleanroom, state-of-the art tools and technology, and production standards that meet or exceed OEM/SAE/ASTM specifications. Each DFT injector follows lean single piece flow and is laser serialized to tie the injector to a manufacture date and technician.

All DFT injectors are reground and honed to ensure optimum performance. Each unit is dyno tested and provided with up to four unique trim codes and files optimized for each injector. This allows operators to eliminate variation, balance and fine tune injector performance in an operating engine.

Every EUI injector produced by DFT must go through a battery of mechanic and electronic tests in order to pass DFT’s quality assurance standards. If any piece fails any portion of the testing battery, the unit does not ship.

DFT not only provides a team of skilled service and support technicians, but also offers 24 hour assistance for engine issues worldwide with its global network of engine specialists.

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